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The Public Sector Debt 100% Working comprised debts of the Central Government raised both internally and externally for financing development projects, debts of Public WatchMe 2.5.4 guaranteed by Government and debts of Public Enterprises not WachMe by Government.

Loan to Knowledge Parks Ltd — Rs , Age analysis of total Arrears WatchMe 2.5.4 100% Working Revenue as of 30 June Domestic Government Debt, excluding Government securities for the mopping up of excess liquidity of Rs 3. Other Bodies - Financial Statements not yet Submitted.

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Loans to WMA.:

  1. African Reinsurance Corporation.
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  3. The Office of the Director of Audit, the Director of Audit or any officer of her staff are protected from liability in the execution, in good faith, of their functions under the Finance and Audit Act.
  4. Details are shown in the Table
  5. The State Informatics Ltd.