Folder Colorizer 2.1.0 [Latest]

The left click on the tray icon now only brings the main window in front. However, Sylpheed 2.

Version 2.12.1

At this time 2. The 8KB restriction of template body size was removed. The previously released binary didn't work on Windows Changes The auto-save to draft 2.1.0 [Latest] composing messages was implemented. It puts modules in place so that node Folder Colorizer find them, and manages dependency conflicts intelligently.

The window management of the export and import dialog was modified. The bug that IMAP caches get wrongly deleted was fixed. Dépaquetage de phantomjs 2. The option to filter junk mails before normal filtering was added. The press release Japanese has been also made in regard to this.

Si vous avez des soucis pour rester connecté, déconnectez-vous puis reconnectez-vous depuis ce lien en cochant la case Me connecter automatiquement [Latets] de mes prochaines visites. Tiny DHCP Server 1.4 With Serial Key Free Free Télécharger The source files of the English FAQ and manual were added. The Folder Colorizer 2.1.0 [Latest] that bold face was disabled in the folder selection dialog with GLib 2. The IMAP4 parser was fixed. Uniquement disponible sur Firefox — Installez Firefox. The new account setup dialog was implemented. This release includes the bugfixes and minor feature improvements merged from Sylpheed trunk. Just Color Picker 4.3 2020 Activation Code Free Télécharger

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Some usability fixes have also been made. Sylpheed [Lates]t. This release Folder Colorizer 2.1.0 [Latest] many new features, improvements and modifications. There are no changes in the source code itself. In this release libpng and libtiff, image libraries included in Windows version, were updated to libpng 1. Encryption is enabled by Folrer now when replying to PGP-encrypted messages. The command line option '--exit' was added. Win The bug that the composition window could not be maximized was fixed. Programmes Several other bugfixes were made. An error message is displayed now when the decryption of PGP encrypted messages failed.

A possible crash when adding address from address book was fixed. Reply-to-list is not enabled for subscribe confirmation request etc.

Any commands can be executed when new messages arrive. The support of character entity references in HTML messages was improved. Win The program icon was added. There was a bug that caused buffer overflow in the LDIF import routine of the addressbook. Bug Fixes bug preventing to determine Folder Colorizer 2.1.0 [Latest] supported status of the page a Features add a browserAction toolbar icon 7f0e34ecloses 18 11 add top banner to popup with button to access the settings 91c support Folder Colorizer 2.1.0 [Latest] and 'moz-extension:' pages 8ef9 changelog is now accessible on GitHub da8a add translation capabilities to the manifest ba9 add Russian translation thanks to Neytrino-OnLine, close 46 b37c9b8. This introduces the following improvements: The performance of network communication at receiving and sending was improved.

Several bugs of the address book were fixed. Some other bugs were fixed. It enables the removal of attachments in messages.

Attention aux anciennes versions! Elles sont affichées seulement à des fins de test et de référence.